Waiting: Momentary pause of the pulse.

I went out today to look for people waiting.

As the heavens opened up and the rains poured down it appeared to be a project disaster of monsoon proportions. People ran in all directions. Then a weird thing happened. Nearly everyone stopped to wait. And Wait.

I decided to post the shots in black and white because it was almost like everything turned monochrome in the rain anyway.

The truth is that within these shots lies the vibrant colour of Bangkok with bright orange motorcycle taxi vests, hot pink skirts, sun yellow signs and multicoloured cars. The rain softened the spectacle and slowed the pace, but not even the monsoon can wash away the colour of this city.

(if you are counting I seem to be breaking my own rules but never-mind. mai-pen-rye)

Happy Sad

solo moto





getting wet


boy and girl

bike lean

3 in pink


5 thoughts on “Waiting: Momentary pause of the pulse.

  1. I love these, you have really portrayed the mood of the moment. How serendipitous that you should be provided with the perfect opportunity to photograph your theme!


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