Reflections: Propagation of pictures

Reflections are ubiquitous and inconspicuous, sought out by some and overlooked by others. Some sit still and repeat angles and shapes, others blend colours and lights and twist the sky into exquisite fakes.

Representing the essence of a reflection is tricky. I need more practice than just a week to do this theme justice! Photographing reflection requires skill in focus, light, depth of field, exposure, composition and as always great material. This photo journal is nothing if not an opportunity to learn more about all of these things.

window shopping

public transport



Central World

klong dolphins

Bangkok through the eyes of another
Bangkok through the eyes of another


5 thoughts on “Reflections: Propagation of pictures

    1. thanks! I will take a look at the site layout to see if I can make it clear that clicking into them is required – or just change the layout do they are all fully visible. I’m sure you are not the only one who hadn’t been clicking through.

      Now I have properly adjusted the layout – each photo features as an individual media insert – much better.

    1. Thanks Tina, I am just going through the blog today and updating all of the galleries so you can see each picture without having to click through. I hope that makes it easier for everyone.

      Thanks for visiting!


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