Exercise: Nation in motion.

This was such a fun theme to work on! The Thai people approach just about everything they do with humour and playfulness and exercise is no exception. Maybe it is all the chilli they eat – apparently it speeds up the metabolism.

Looking at the majority of Thai people it is hard to believe that 8% of school age children in Thailand are obese. Unfortunately fast food, mall culture and soft entertainment has not been limited to the western cultures.

So this theme is a thumbs up to getting outside, a high five to sweating though your t-shirt and a pat on the back to all those people who put the effort into shuffling their way around the local park every evening.


express yourself


and stop....

yin yang

Miami beach Thai style

turn your world

you move me


3 thoughts on “Exercise: Nation in motion.

    1. lol, it’s not a new layout, is it? The photos just seem to fit better in the squares. You’ve captured some great moments here.


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