Advertising: Taking it to the streets

Buy this, try this, be this, you need this!

Bangkok is a crazy jumble of advertising. From bus sides to billboards and buildings to blackboards.

Observing the detail of this theme I did note an absence of bill posting that you find in many countries. There seems a respect (or perhaps a law) preventing the plastering of posters on every spare surface.

Many of the advertisements I saw while taking shots for this theme were in Thai (which I cant read), so in true photographer fashion I was an observer rather than potential consumer. I hope you enjoy some of these observations as much as I enjoyed capturing them.

Something for everyone


Best of the best

Bird holes

Beauty tracks

Whiskey waves

Shakespeare in Bangkok

4 thoughts on “Advertising: Taking it to the streets

  1. One of my most striking memories from my two visits to Bangkok are the GIANT billboards along the freeway driving from the new international airport into the city. I had never seen bigger billboards in my entire life. Great photos….

    1. HI Jessica, I know what you mean about those big billboards! I love that stretch of highway! I really wanted to capture that exact scene for this theme but didn’t put the effort into getting out that way and figuring out how to get up to a level where I could snap it. I hope one day I will have an opportunity to grab the image. Thanks for the comment.


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