Office Workers: Putting home behind them.

You can probably see from my photos that I am a bit of a shy photographer.

I can visualise the energy in this theme had I taken myself inside the offices; snapping the workers as they hang out by the water cooler & flirt around the photocopy machine.

But I am not an office worker myself, so to do that I would need to pass security (there is a lot of that in Bangkok), and make like an invisible man (difficult for an unshaven farang with a camera).

So my theme is based in the streets. Blending into the crowd and documenting people in their individual mode. Occasionally someone notices the glass of my lens, I smile at them, give a subtle nod of thanks and cant help feeling that I wish they hadn’t seen me.

Monday: the same feeling in every city

Lottery tickets!

9 o'clock in the morning

Lost in the big city

Poise at speed

Getting gum on the way to work

Office girl

4 thoughts on “Office Workers: Putting home behind them.

  1. Very beautiful and strong photos, I especially like the one prior the last one; I am looking forward for your next 7 images.
    Bangkok really is a multifaceted city, and so different from the European cities I know.

    1. Hi Asawa, Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving such a nice comment. I hope you have been enjoying the themes since Office Workers 🙂

  2. These were great as usual. I’m not surprised you feel a bit shy taking peoples photos but they don’t seem to mind or perhaps they just don’t notice?

    1. The latter usually…

      If they do notice, they are usually okay with it.

      I’ve learnt to ask if it is ok for me to take a photo in Thai. “Koh toot Krup, Tai roop dai mai krup”


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