Graffiti: Expressive walls of Bangkok

The brush strokes of Thailand’s artistic culture reach into the back streets of Bangkok society. Here is where you find the creative and the crass, the showy and the shy.

Like viewing art in a gallery you never really see the artist at work, just the completed work.

I wonder if the location of the work speaks of  the artist. Those who create for many to see. Those who create for their fellow artists to see. Those who create for no-one, or very few to see.

The creation varies from tagging to tantalising: some so obscure you wonder what fuels the thought,

and some so crude you wonder what thoughts fuel the effort…

boxed in





DSC_0833 DSC_0840 DSC_0844

9 thoughts on “Graffiti: Expressive walls of Bangkok

    1. Thanks! The third one was taken from inside an abandoned building – crazy dilapidated stairways and debris. A haven for rats and crack addicts. Quite an experience just being in there.

  1. I LOVE the one of the penguins. Street ART is definitely the right word. Love your work. Thank you for dropping by my site. I love yours. Following.


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