Beach: Sand meets sea.

A beach In Bangkok??

Well strictly speaking it isn’t really Bangkok… The costal town of Hua Hin is a 2.5 hr drive out of Bangkok.

So I’m using a bit of poetic licence to slip these photos into my blog, but I like them and hope you will too.

I will try not to let this distraction deter me from the schedule though, and I should post the next 7 in 3 days from now.

waiting for waves




horizon casting


geting the shot




6 thoughts on “Beach: Sand meets sea.

    1. Thanks Jessica, there are such great colours in Thailand and such wonderful character in everything you see – from the old and decrepit to the modern and brilliant.

    1. Hi Cassandra, Thanks for the comment. That jelly is massive isn’t it! I tried to capture it’s smile but I think it was having a bad day. Feeling a bit washed up.

      1. Haha. Bad joke but it made me laugh anyhow. I’m excited to take some day trips from Bangkok and explore the nearby areas, so your beach photos have inspired me. Thanks!


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