Security: The face of protection

I thought this would be a great theme when I added it to the list. Now I’m not so sure. Security is pretty boring. Fences, locks, gates, and all due respect most of the guards looked pretty damn bored!

One of the big challenges inherent in this theme was that every time I would point my camera at ‘security’ someone came walking over, waving their hand, and saying “mai thai roop!” (no photos!).

However, just as the projects are meant to do, it has given me a fresh perspective on security in Bangkok. I went out thinking security is everywhere, but came back realising that a lot of what I see is not security: it is in fact more like public support or service – just wearing a very official looking uniform.

In fact I think that if you had to rely on some of these ‘security’ guards to stop a crime going down you might be better off just taking out a camera and getting some pictures!

So, anyway sorry the theme is a bit dull this week: lets hope the next one is a bit more upbeat!

security wave

Bored Guard

National Security

Fat chance

Nature protects



12 thoughts on “Security: The face of protection

  1. Not dull at all – some of these are really excellent captures of a moment or a character. I’m super impressed. The second one with the old guy is amazing – the expression on his face! And the last one, perfect timing. I’d say this is one of your best weeks.

    1. Thanks Sarah! Next week my theme is ‘New’ so I guess that should give me the scope to explore something a little more exciting anyway!

    1. Hi, Thanks for visiting, and the generous comment. I love your art so your comment means a lot. You have a great blog – and a new follower.


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