New: The new old.

While out in the streets this week I pondered this theme, and how ‘New’ is such a relative proposition; particularly in a city like Bangkok. My initial approach to the theme was a take on ‘modern’, and Bangkok has a lot of that. Very trendy and cosmopolitan. But contemplation and observation led to the revelation that new exists in old too.

Looking for new things I saw them everywhere. People enjoying something new which others had already experienced. Architecture from last decade, reflecting silhouettes of centuries past. It rained and the air seemed new.

I tilted my head with raised eyebrow at the realisation that I myself was new in this strange and exciting city.

So, humour my perspective in this weeks theme. Perhaps if nothing else, it will be my perspective that is new to you.

A new friend


New and Old




New wave


New fans


New steel


New sky scraper





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