Food Vendors: 300,000 reasons to eat!

There are circa 300,000 food sellers on the streets of Bangkok.

With exceptionally good value, flavours beyond imagining and more convenience than any fast food joint; it is no wonder most of Bangkok patronises the vendors for at least three of their six meals a day!

Some are certainly better than others in the hygiene stakes, so it helps if you have a reasonably strong constitution, or get some tips on the best vendors to eat from.

A trip to Bangkok without experiencing the culinary efforts of these humble vendors would be a travesty for your taste buds.






Happy at work

Thai Butcher

4 thoughts on “Food Vendors: 300,000 reasons to eat!

    1. Ha-ha you are right. For the most part, the people in this profession seem pretty happy in their work. Of course there is the exception but to be honest their photos were not as compelling as those where the subject is smiling!


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