Doors: some you want to open, others maybe not.

There is something about a door that just makes you want to photograph it right? Admittedly, some doors are way more photogenic than others! You would never see an album of Mykonos without a photo of a door, or meet a photographer who doesn’t have at least one photo of a door in their collection.

So I am out looking at doors.

I got a few odd looks while shooting this theme, like they are saying:

“in all of Bangkok, you want to take a photo of that door? – crazy foreigner”.

There are hundreds (mostly numbered, just to remind me). Most are not particularly pretty. Some I had to question their classification as a ‘door’ – maybe more like a gate, or perhaps just a doorway. Some I really want to open. Some I definitely dont want to.








That was the seven, but if you are like me and want as many doors in your life as possible… here are some extras:







4 thoughts on “Doors: some you want to open, others maybe not.

  1. So fabulous. There is wonderful character and storytelling in these pictures, and I love the colours and strength of the images. But I cringe to think of you living in such a filthy city. I’m sure your part of it is spotless, but the thought of ANYONE having to live in such filth …

    1. It is true that there is a level of filth in the city, I think that is always the case when you have such a huge population (6.5 Million is the official stat for Bangkok, but theory says it is more like 8 Million). There is a different side which I don’t really publish on this blog. The cosmopolitan modernity that exists is spotless and impeccably maintained. Perhaps I will focus some of my future images on that side to allow a wider perspective.


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