Children of Cambodia

This weeks planned theme has taken a complete U-turn. It was supposed to be ‘old’ but I have replaced it with a series of shots which I captured this weekend in Cambodia. So please excuse me Bangkok, I hope you wont mind giving the children of Cambodia some of your webspace for this weeks post.

Three days in Siem Reap was a moving experience. Religion and spirituality reach into you as you step through temple ruins that date back thousand of years. Sadness and anger shadow you when you understand the extent of terror and tragedy that touched so many millions in the more recent past. Admiration and compassion compel you when you see the struggle and poverty that people living on the land and the sea face with every new season.

And through all of this emotion one thing overwhelmed me the most: The children. Their curious faces, their strength of character, and the fragility of their huge hearts.














9 thoughts on “Children of Cambodia

  1. Couldn’t decide which was my favourite! Maybe the boy with his bike. What a dear little face 🙂 But they were all beautiful weren’t they? Really great photos.

    1. Thanks! I like the boy with the bike too. He was smiling at first then looked down. I felt a little bad, like he was sick of having his photo taken, so I quickly stopped and gave him a big thumbs up sign and smile.

  2. Amazing images. I visited Siem Reap and Angkor Wat once and want to go back so badly. But what I remember most (besides the heat, haha) are the children, too. Such strength. Such sadness. Thank you for this.


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