Old: that is so last year.

I figured temples and the Grand Palace would be too cliche for this theme so I just wandered around the streets to see if anything interesting came my way.

I love that about my blog, I can approach each theme with a broad brief and no parameters. Only to keep it in some way relevant to the title.

Bangkok has history that dates back to the 15th century, so there was an incredible opportunity for me to fill this theme with images of ancient sites…

but i just took these pics below. 🙂

70's Mercedes

old boys


lady of leisure

waiting for the old


The old customs house of Bangkok

guy in the wall

6 thoughts on “Old: that is so last year.

    1. Thank you! that one is part of my photography class homework, reduced shutter speed and the ‘panning’ technique. Not mastered by any means, but I have nearly got the technique.


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