Five o’clock: A shift of vibe

Today was a crazy photography day, and the first time in the history of my blog, that I just made up a theme on the fly.

The theme for this week was supposed to be glass and I was walking around postulating about how glass is difficult to shoot. I mean if I was just shooting glass itself, there wouldn’t be much to my photos! So I started trying to capture the things behind the glass. Change the focal range, apply a little filter to remove reflections, tweak the ISO…. and the pics still looked pretty rubbish! I got some nice building shots, but thought they really should be in an ‘architecture’ theme. I looked for anything made of glass lying around… all plastic.

By Five o’clock I was starting to think it was going to be pretty hard to pick seven glass shots to feature!

Then in true Bangkok fashion, something odd happened. At about ten past five the vibe on the street completely changed. Some people were going home, others getting ready for their night. People everywhere, colours, traffic chaos. I discarded my glass theme and enjoyed the moment.

So with total poetic licence, this week I will share the shift of vibe with you.

washing up street food

Black and White reflections

cokes on a hot day

Glass building

Windows of glass

happy chaps

the wind down

home time!

work crew

colour shift

want a ride

pork and whiskey

3 thoughts on “Five o’clock: A shift of vibe

  1. Wow. These are all stunning. And I love what you said about “in true Bangkok fashion…” Funny how things can change in an instant. Also loved your use of the word “shift.” 😉


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