Bangkok as usual

While thousands of dedicated political protesters stay their ground at intersections all over Bangkok, there is a flip side to the city which shows you that life continues as usual for many more thousands.

I spent a day showing some friends around a few of my favourite sights earlier this week and it gave me the usual opportunities to witness the wonderful variety and extraordinary people that make Bangkok such an interesting city to live in.


The flower markets (Pak Khlong Talat) are a 24/7  thriving mass of traders and buyers, where colours and smells are overwhelmingly fascinating. It’s hard to go there without buying some kind of bloom or exotic branch. It is supposed to be at its best at 3 in the morning when all of the farmers come in from the provinces, but any time of the day is worth a visit.



In the Amulet market that occupies the dusty sidewalk between the Chao Phraya river and the Grand Palace, locals huddle over tables spread with all range of trinkets and objects of worship. It is a great place to see Monks bargain for a deal and traders while their time away.


Pigeons: the ubiquitous winged park carpet that no city is exempt from.



The khlongs off the Chao Phraya River team with a life that sits behind the facade of the streets and express ways. Even though tourist boats hustle up and down the narrow waterways, the locals go on with their life in a way that represents reality – allowing you to see a side of the city that you would otherwise never see.




The 2010 floods wreaked havoc on some of the already weak buildings along the khlongs.



Streets of water.DSC_4896

Behind closed doors, and  shutters of wooden windows, one never knows who lives, and how.


temples and barges, haze and heat, smoke and water….


locals.. you just cant account for some peoples taste.


Local bus.


3 thoughts on “Bangkok as usual

    1. Cheers Jessica, Yes you really must. It seems high on your travel list so take the plunge – Maybe just wait until after these elections though!


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