Children in the Classroom of Hope

The first time I went to Cambodia I was touched by the faces of the children there.

In November 2013 I witnessed the hope, aspiration and appetite that they have for learning, and I witnessed the challenge and success that Classroom of Hope continues to work for.

I spent a few incredible days with Duncan Ward the founder and CEO of Classroom of Hope. We went to some of the schools that COH has supported, we watched the children learning, and I gained an immense respect for the passion that Duncan and his team have shown towards making hope a reality for these beautiful children.

Classroom of hope

Classroom of hope

Classroom of hope

Classroom of hope

Classroom of hope

Classroom of hope

Classroom of hope

Classroom of hope




5 thoughts on “Children in the Classroom of Hope

  1. Wonderful photos and isnt Rackys an amazing and inspiring story? Must have been an incredible, if soul wrenching, trip.

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    1. It was really amazing. Inspiring, and at times quite emotional. It is so encouraging to see how the children are so eager to be in school.

  2. I just love this. Really makes me want to go back, to get traveling again. I loved Cambodia, as hot as it was. Such bright eyes. Such promise. Such hope. We are the hope of the human race. I see it in those faces.

  3. Reblogged this on shift and commented:
    *This* is why I love travel. These faces — and people like Duncan Ward who choose to spend their lives working on projects like “Classroom of Hope” — are my hope for mankind. I visited Cambodia at the beginning of 2011. I’ve been meaning to write about it (and get back there) ever since. In this short post, Bangkok-based photographer Simon shows why.

  4. Now these are the kind of photos I like. SO ALIVE. you have a gift of catching the exact moments. keep up the good work.


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