Inspiration, Belief, Passion, Action.

In 2012 Duncan Ward travelled to Cambodia, he was searching for purpose and meaning in his life. He met a man named Racky.

Rackys’ story inspired Duncan in a way that has changed his life, and the lives of over 5000 children in the last year. (check out this video to see a lovely film of Duncans story)

Duncan recognised the plight of Cambodia in the aftermath of the Pol Pot era, and through Racky’s passion for the future of Cambodian children; Duncan found his purpose.

He returned to his home country of Australia and founded Classroom of Hope. By the end of 2012 he had established the Schools for Excellence program which is now supporting 15 schools, and providing access to quality education for 5019 children. Duncan has bought together a team of people who share his passion for this cause and on the 4th of Nov 2013 he was in Cambodia inaugurating a further 7 schools into the program, celebrating the achievements of the last year, and exploring new ways to work with local NGO’s and government to continue the work.

Below: Duncan Ward, as Racky leads him to the inauguration ceremony. two men, one mission.Racki leads Duncan to the inauguration event

Below: These photographs demonstrate some of the conditions that Duncan is working to overcome. Structural issues are just the surface of the challenge however. Classroom of Hope is also working with local NGO’s to supply teaching materials, uniforms, school transport and other resources.Classroom of Hope

Classroom of Hope

Classroom of Hope

Classroom of Hope

Below: As Duncan walks into the inauguration ceremony there is an immense feeling of happiness. The day is a celebration of hope realised, a celebration of the combined efforts of his organisation, the work of Racky and other NGO’s all supporting the children of Cambodia.A reception from 250 school children


Classroom of hope

Classroom of hope

Duncan Ward cuts the ribbon

Duncan Ward and Tim Clarke

Inauguration ceremony Classroom of Hope

Cambodian dancer

Cambodian dancer

This trip to Cambodia gave me the opportunity to witness the success of Duncan’s effort.It also gave me a chance to spend time with a man who found meaning in his life by helping others to find meaning in theirs.Duncan Ward


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