Dusty daydreams.

It is a strange thing when your life is provided with a new set of possibilities. You can side-step the motion of circumstances, deliberately avoiding any chance of being caught up. Or, you can encourage, embrace and get involved in those circumstances, allowing them to sweep you away in their jet stream… sometimes to dark uncomfortable places that are hard to come back from, and sometimes to places that enlighten you, enrich you and set you on a path of discovery and adventure that you never dreamed possible.

Last week I was in that place. The latter. On the back of a bike, on a dusty road, in Cambodia.

I am not a profesional photographer. I don’t take pictures to make money. I am not trained, award winning, or recognised. But last week the motion of circumstances around me over the last year put me in rural Battambang, as a field photographer for the NGO Classroom of Hope.

Cambodian dust






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