Everyone is something.

What do you want to be? Or are you already there?

If you could work at whatever you chose, then what would it be?

What is it that you would retire from, into a settled state of being, with a feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction. For some, the answer will be that they are living that dream now. For others, each day moves them closer to those goals. Many feel as though they will never be that which they dream of.

There are those who dream everyday and those who have cast their dreams aside; only looking at them in secret times when their here and now isn’t watching.

While one dreams of a life working in sciences or medicine, another will wish for nature and tranquility. Some think of giving to others and some of taking everything for themselves.

Whatever you dream or wish to work at have you given up on it yet?










2 thoughts on “Everyone is something.

  1. Thought provoking words, so true. You captured beautiful faces that each tell a story …once again, Si. Great talent.


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