Simple choice really..

‘Get busy livin, or get busy dying’ – Andy Dufresne, Shawshank Redemption.

Well actually, I wondered if there might be some irony in this philosophy when I accepted an offer to join my friend (also named) Andy, in a bike ride from Bangkok to the Gulf of Siam.

As someone who never cycles there was a distinct possibility that taking on this ride could kill me!

But meh! all aboard or be bored.

So I hired a bike from spice roads, made a special request for a nice soft seat and I quickly became very excited about the adventure ahead! Andy had heard about the ride from a friend of his who wrote a great blog post after doing it themselves. He also directed me to another post about it, by Richard Barrow who is a very well known Blogger in Thailand.

If you are planning to do it yourself check out those blogs and take a good phone with GPS which you can follow, back up power pack, and make sure you have sunscreen!

Being a massive supporter of the Classroom of Hope organisation it seemed a good opportunity for me to do some fundraising for the kids too. Thanks to my generous supporters I raised over $380…  and that my friends is gettin busy livin!

The Buffalo skulls at Wat Hua Krabeu: The collection has seen better days, it is now a rapidly degrading pile, peppered with weeds and junk.

Wat Hua Krabeu

A Monk at Wat Hua Krabeu: An unfair representation of him, as you will see in the next shot.Monk at Wat Hua Krabeu

The same Monk, pictured with my cycling buddy Andy Goldman. This Monk was extremely friendly and showed us around the Buffalo skulls. Cyclist and Monk at Wat Hua Krabeu

Arrival at our destination was a marvellous moment of achievement after a long ride in the very hot sun.DSC_3242


The mud flats are covered in bamboo shafts, which have been buried in the mud to farm mussels.DSC_3261

As a break for lunch, we took a long tail boat out to the Bangkok SeaView Restaurant – Highly recommended, lovely view, setting and food.DSC_3333


On the route back, we passed through a small street market just south-west of Bang Krachao (Bangkoks green lung). It was  a little like being in a different city as there were rickshaws everywhere. 




One final coffee break before the final push for home.DSC_3424

A fairly exhausted Andy, as we catch the small ferry across the Chao Phraya back to Klong Toey.DSC_3437

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