The photographic opportunities are endless; in fact, the veneer alone can overwhelm ones lens.

This photo-journal intends to sharpen my view on the city, soften the edges of distraction, and allow me to explore the depth of individual elements which contribute to the chaos.

In order to order I am boxing things up. A box for each theme. Neatly stacked into my journal as one persons view of Bangkok.

I hope you enjoy my perspective.

10 thoughts on “About

  1. What a wonderful idea. I love your work. Perhaps you will allow me to see Bangkok in a new light. All I remember is being hot and sweaty and jostled by millions of people! 😛

    1. 🙂 your memories haven’t failed you… that is mostly what it is like! I have resigned myself to the climate and usually just take a spare t-shirt when I go out. 🙂
      Your thoughts of jostle and masses are similar to my memories from earlier visits to Bangkok, and pretty much the same way I was seeing it this time too. That exact feeling was my catalyst for this blog. I knew If I kept recording random images (while interesting) they would only reflect the random nature of this city. By capturing themes I am somehow creating some order for my own view of the city. ( 🙂 tidy little boxes in my mind ).

  2. Hi Simon,
    thanks for visiting my blog and liking my post. Amazing pictures on yours and an really exciting and inspirational idea. I will definitely come back every now and then…

    Best, Michael

    1. Hi Crazy Guy!
      Thanks for checking it out and the nice comments. I love the feedback and the idea that others are enjoying seeing some of the random stuff I see. Have an awesome day.


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