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Candid Cambodia

I went on a trip to Cambodia recently to help document a charitable education development  project. What I saw and the story behind the journey is absolutely incredible and I will share it in this blog later this year.

In the mean time I’m posting a few of the candid shots captured outside of the project work.

Cambodia is only 1 hour from Bangkok, but it is different in so many ways.  The way of life is similar due to the agricultural society, but the simplicity seems accentuated in Cambodia. Regulation and systems appear less structured than Thailand (in everyday life on the streets).

Most of all, the people have a different aura about them. Thailand has never been invaded in all of history, whereas Cambodia has experienced rule by Thailand, Vietnam, even the French and the Portuguese. More recently the people suffered the terrible oppression and  tyranny under Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge.












5 thoughts on “Candid Cambodia

  1. There seems to be a sadness or resignation on all the faces here. Not despair, just a sense of a people living in a wounded land. Very different from the expressions you capture in Thailand.

    1. It is an interesting observation, but it might be fair to say that it is formed by the photographer giving you a perspective that leads you to that conclusion.

      I think it’s true, they do live in a land which has been challenged by war and oppression, but there are also some amazing stories which inspire, and demonstrate that the culture is also incredibly resilient and wonderfully happy considering the difficulties of the past. I just didnt get any of those faces! 🙂

      Thanks for your thoughts and comments! It makes me think about how the photographer is so responsible for the impression people take away from a scene.


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